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Abesha Boys and Girls Club for boys and girls of various ages. We will provide a voluntary and non-obligatory activity for the children in the community. We strive to provide experiential learning environment that inspire the children to acquire and develop cultural awareness, emotional, and social skills. Thus, our children can expand their cultural and historical awareness, build positive relationships and friendships in a safe and supportive environment.

Programs will be designed to appeal to various age groups. Program schedule date, time and requirement will be posted on our website. We will also communicate via email, post hard copy at various locations and announce it on local community radios. Children may select an activity they would like to participate in and let us know at least 15 days prior to the event

Some of the programs:

The Arts: This is an exciting program for all ages. We will have activities from Painting , Dancing (Eskista), going to the Movies and Theaters, preparing Short plays, poem and drama…etc.

Community garden: Children will have an opportunity to plant vegetables at community gar-dens and learn about gardening

Fitness and Recreation: These includes exploration hikes and snowshoeing at the local mountains, organized camping, fun games and more.

Specialized Tours: These are tours are designed to be fun, exciting and educational. We will be organizing tours to various locations.

If you are interested to give your time for the young ones or would like to participate in some of these programs, please contact us at


የታዳጊ ወጣቶች ክለብ